PhoneSheriff Parental Control App


According to, 85% of American cell phone users are 18 years and above. 75% of 12-17 year olds own phones. The statistics definitely tell the expanding reach of such a wireless multipurpose device but they also reflect the likelihood of abuse of phone privileges amongst youngsters. Not forgetting, employees also misuse their phone rights too.

In such circumstances, PhoneSheriff proves to be a solution for all your worries. Unless you are sure of what your child or employee is doing, this powerful app provides you three central features. After PhoneSheriff is installed in the respective phone, you can block, filter and monitor all phone activities mentioned below. The app would provide you with a username and a password to access your secure account from any safe web panel.

PhoneSheriff is a parental control app that that allows you to keep an eye over the daily phone activities of your child. While remaining undercover, you can watch all call and message records from a secure account on a remote web panel through your internet browser. PhoneSheriff also allows you to block, filter and restrict access to the phone by disallowing contact to certain numbers or by setting times that the phone will be allowed to be used.

  • Email Messages
  • SMS Messages
  • GPS Locations
  • Websites Visited
  • Call Details

The parent or employer can access his PhoneSheriff account with the provided login details in a web browser or PhoneSheriff interface and see all recorded logs of every message sent and received and phone call details. Even if the child deletes the internal logs you can still find the uploaded logs of all internet websites. It won’t matter if he tampers with them. Current GPS locations of your child’s phone are recorded that can let you track the locations of your child or employee through the GPS receiver in your phone. It can also be viewed through your account through a web browser. The app records all location data of every time span.

  • Application Filter
  • Time Restriction
  • Website Filter
  • Call Blocking
  • SMS Blocking

PhoneSheriff adds more to your satisfaction level with what has come so far. You can block all unwanted applications or features on your child or employee’s phone for a set number of hours or forever. Added to this, you can also block certain phone numbers to be received and dialed. This feature is also extended to SMS texting too. Similarly, filtering of improper internet websites is also possible. All the above features can be easily monitored from anywhere. The secure control panel of PhoneSheriff enables you to remotely monitor the employee’s mobile device in a stealth mode.

With all such features, PhoneSheriff is a useful tool for you to safeguard your child and monitor your employee without any hassles. Feel free to approach our toll-free support because it is your right to know the truth.