mSpy Parental Control App

mSpy Parental Control App

Being the parent of teens can be a very tricky job. Teens want freedom, and a license to do whatever they want; parents want safety. Smartphones combine the versatility of mobile phones that now also offer internet access, multimedia messaging, email and a lot more. Through these mobile phones, teens have even more options to express themselves. They can send emails attaching their divulging pictures, browse the internet or watch x-rated videos and much more potential dangers at their fingertips exist online like harassment, Sexting and Cyberbullying.

Now, it’s not hard to keep checks on teens mobile phone usage anymore! Parents or guardian can keep a close check on their young teens activities so that they don’t get trapped in any offensive activities that might cause them major harm in the future.

With mSpy app, parents can easily track their teens activities while sitting in their workplace or while sitting overseas far away from home. It’s easy to install this stealth mobile software, which works in the background and the target phone user will still be able to use their phone. Once the monitoring software is installed on the mobile phone, it gives parents the ability to restrict, filter and monitor activities their teens do with the phone. It also allows them to get instant GPS locations of their teens to know where they are.

The mSpy parental control app records a huge variety of information secretly and uploads it to the online interface where parents can view all the information by logging in with a user name/password they create. mSpy records and uploads the following important information on to the secure online account:

  • Text Messages: A log is provided that lets parents view all SMS text messages sent and received to the phone.
  • Call Logs: This monitoring feature allows parents to view all phone calls dialed or received on the phone.
  • Photos/Video: A log is provided to view all photos and videos taken by the phone camera.
  • Websites Visited: A log is provided to show all websites viewed on the phone.
  • GPS Location Tracking: This monitoring feature secretly tracks the GPS location of the cell phone.
  • Contacts: A list of all contacts stored on the phone is available for viewing.
  • SMS Keyword Alerts: A notification is sent through email or text messaging when inappropriate content has been viewed on the mobile phone.
  • Remote Wipe: This monitoring feature allows parents to delete all data stored on the mobile phone from a remote location. This is an ideal feature if the phone is lost or stolen.
  • Restrict Numbers: This monitoring feature allows parents to restrict numbers from calling or sending SMS text messages to the mobile device.
  • Daily Time Limit: This monitoring feature allows parents to lock the phone throughout certain times of the day such as during class or late at night.
  • Block websites: This monitoring feature allows you to block certain websites from being viewing on the phone.
  • Remote Lock: This monitoring feature allows you to lock the phone from a remote location. The phone can only be accessed if a password is entered into the phone.